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 Halo siggeh TUT

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PostSubject: Halo siggeh TUT   Sun Sep 30, 2007 11:19 pm

k this is an old turtorila made by a guy from an old BF forum named WHO, he ttly pwns sig making, well anywheys in this qoute is his original tut. k so i didnt make this he did lol, just making that clear.

Quote :
Since a few people have been begging me to make a tut.........
Just because I say I set something on lighten, doesn't mean it wont look better in your sig on screen or whatever, screw around and try different things.
Do everything on different layers.
I lucked out that lighting was this easy in this sig, sometimes it can take quite a few layers, mess with different blending modes, colors, brush sizes, and smudging can help lighting too.
As you go through making this sig, try to create good flow, a strong focal point, and depth.
Just encase you cant find any c4ds, I will link to a few packs once I find some links, downloaded all my c4ds along time ago........
I will also release my psd, once i label it.
I typed this up in a hurry, so excuse any spelling mistakes lol
The tut is saved as a jpg, so the image quality isn't the best, but imgshack wouldn't let me upload the png, as it was over 2mbs in size, and I forgot what hosts let me do big files....
<3 me baby

Here is the psd, don't fucking rip, that includes the whole sig just as much as ripping individual layers:
C4ds(not really the ones I used, just a pack I found real quick):
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Halo siggeh TUT
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