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 Halo siggeh TUT

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Halo siggeh TUT Empty
PostSubject: Halo siggeh TUT   Halo siggeh TUT Icon_minitimeSun Sep 30, 2007 11:19 pm

k this is an old turtorila made by a guy from an old BF forum named WHO, he ttly pwns sig making, well anywheys in this qoute is his original tut. k so i didnt make this he did lol, just making that clear.

Quote :
Since a few people have been begging me to make a tut.........
Just because I say I set something on lighten, doesn't mean it wont look better in your sig on screen or whatever, screw around and try different things.
Do everything on different layers.
I lucked out that lighting was this easy in this sig, sometimes it can take quite a few layers, mess with different blending modes, colors, brush sizes, and smudging can help lighting too.
As you go through making this sig, try to create good flow, a strong focal point, and depth.
Just encase you cant find any c4ds, I will link to a few packs once I find some links, downloaded all my c4ds along time ago........
I will also release my psd, once i label it.
I typed this up in a hurry, so excuse any spelling mistakes lol
The tut is saved as a jpg, so the image quality isn't the best, but imgshack wouldn't let me upload the png, as it was over 2mbs in size, and I forgot what hosts let me do big files....
<3 me baby
Halo siggeh TUT Haloww6
Halo siggeh TUT Halotutss9
Halo siggeh TUT Haloww6
Here is the psd, don't fucking rip, that includes the whole sig just as much as ripping individual layers:
C4ds(not really the ones I used, just a pack I found real quick):
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Halo siggeh TUT
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