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 Age of Empires anyone?

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Age of Empires anyone? Empty
PostSubject: Age of Empires anyone?   Age of Empires anyone? Icon_minitimeMon Feb 25, 2008 7:00 pm

Hey, Ive been wondering... does anyone else on this forum have age of empires? and does anyone wana play online with me, cause i know of 3 others besides me(1 of wich is aquman665) who play with me all the time and im always looking for new players. I have aoe(aoe means aoe for some ppl who dont know) 1, rise of rome expansion, aoe 2 the age of kings, and the conqurors expansion. If your looking to play then reply to this topic, and we can make some arangements to play.

Ive got some screenies too of me online that i might post.

in you're computer,
steeling ur megahurts.

Age of Empires anyone? Redsocksbar
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Age of Empires anyone?
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