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 is auto-loggin logging you out?

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is auto-loggin logging you out? Empty
PostSubject: is auto-loggin logging you out?   is auto-loggin logging you out? Icon_minitimeSat Feb 23, 2008 1:10 pm

heres how to fix it so when you log in with auto-loggin that you actualy stay logged in...

the domain name that i reigstered for this forum called is a redirect domain, this means that it just is sort of like wearing make up for the forum, the actual forum is located on another server althou the domain redirects to that server. this redirection process uses FRAME'S/IFRAME'S in its html to view this page, and those do not recognise cookies, cookies are required to stay logged in for autologgin.

heres how to fix it, all you have to do is whenever you want to use autologgin, go to this url it is the direct link to the forum withou the flashy domain name. you may want to add this to your favorites/bookmarks on your web browser.

both the domain and the direct link acsess the same exact server so no need to worry about not being on the same "page" as everyone else, but using the direct link will let you stay logged in, when you select autologgin.

in you're computer,
steeling ur megahurts.

is auto-loggin logging you out? Redsocksbar
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is auto-loggin logging you out?
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