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Location : Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA
Tank Name : x1beast1x and bluesniper(got conned outa me :( )
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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon Oct 01, 2007 12:37 am

OK heres a short list of rles for this forum, also just try 2 use common scence, lol.:

  1. ok, no forum harrasment, well, its ok to pick on some1 afew times but dont do it constantly exepcialy to the same person cause it rly hurts ppl, trust me, ive had it happen to me, its not fun.
  2. Umm rule 2. spam is not alowwed on this forum.
  3. rule 3, if some1's getting on ur nerves, be4 going to their throuts for it, nicely tell them wht they did wrong and ask them nicely if they plz stop, if they dont stop anoying u then u can go 2 there throats. lol Smile
  4. rule 4, prety much anything is alowwed on this forum just plz dont pic on ppl just to be mean and if some1 doesent like wht ur doing and asks u 2 stop, plz stop.

thats it, have fun! Smile
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Forum Rules
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