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 GIMP Rain Tut

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GIMP Rain Tut Empty
PostSubject: GIMP Rain Tut   GIMP Rain Tut Icon_minitimeSun Sep 30, 2007 11:38 pm

heres a gimp tutorial by this guy named jake who used2 post on an old bf forum i was a member of. rly good tut, i suggest reading it Smile

Quote :
Hello ladiez and gentlemen, today we will be learning the rain dance.
Yeah, so, I'm making a GIMP one because it's harder to make animations on than PS :shrug:

First, open up the image you want to apply rain to, and make sure it is flattened (1 layer only):
GIMP Rain Tut 63655794ey4
Create a new layer on top of your background, make sure it is white:
GIMP Rain Tut 72562083ft5
Now duplicate the image so you have three copies of your sig open, each with 1 white layer on top:
GIMP Rain Tut 80486635sy4
Then add noise (Scatter HSV) to one of your images, and change variables to those shown:
GIMP Rain Tut 56795875tg0
GIMP Rain Tut 73439436na8
Then hit ctrl+f twice on your image, so you have applied your Noise a total of 3 times. You should now have something like this:
GIMP Rain Tut 33526001do4
Then hit ctrl+f three times on the other two images with the blank white layers, so you end up with all images looking like this:
GIMP Rain Tut 80687649dp9
Then motion blur the layer (see ^)
Motion Blur settings:
GIMP Rain Tut 93555729il4
GIMP Rain Tut Blahgr8
Change layer opacity to around 35-40%, and change blending option to whatever looks right. Hard Light works best with darker sigs. Result:
GIMP Rain Tut 20142664bi3
Merge the top 'rain' layer down, so you are left with a single layer:
GIMP Rain Tut 10of0
On a single image, create two new transparent layers:
GIMP Rain Tut 11kw0
GIMP Rain Tut 12ok5
Copy your second image onto the first transparent layer, then 'anchor' it, then copy yor third image onto the second transparent layer and 'anchor' it. Result:
GIMP Rain Tut 13in5
(you can see from the thumbnail each layer has an image on it)
File > Save As > "siganimated.gif":
GIMP Rain Tut 14zv9
(make sure you save as .gif)
Once you've pressed "save as animation", this will come up, leave delay as 100ms:
GIMP Rain Tut 15ko3
Overall Result:
GIMP Rain Tut Forgregau2

Yeah, O_J asked me how to do rain too, so I just made this tut, W/E.
WHO I'm not asking for sticky, but possibly merge/move to an already stickied thread? idk, up to you.
If this helped you, I'm willing to take a donation of BF Bux for the, uh...upkeep of this tutorial 8-)
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GIMP Rain Tut
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